Monday, August 8, 2011

Shy Little Milo

I LOVE this doll. My mom thinks she looks like something from The Corpse Bride (my big bro agrees) but I still love her!

I Don't know why, but I Imagine Milo being very shy and quiet. I actually think she would look really good with tiny glasses(maybe because of her freakishly large eyes), but she has no ears so she couldn't hold them up....  I started making Milo using Beth Webber's free spirit amigurumi pattern (If You haven't heard of her blog, by hook by hand, you HAVE to check it out, it's on my blogroll on the left) but then I just kinda branched off and started doing my own thing. I crocheted her little dress, then took a little piece of sheer plaid scarf and made her a shawl. She's kind of a mix between old-fashioned, and new-fangled! I like dolls like that! :D

Her hair was really fun to make! (I love doll hair!)
 and I actually gave this doll eyebrows! I think that's a first for me...

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