Friday, February 24, 2012

Custom Amigurumi + Pattern Trade Results

Ok, after the huge fuss I put up in my last post, I FOUND MY FLASHDRIVE!!! So I'm pretty happy about that! So Here are some pics of the Just Plush Team Pattern trade. This is a design by Stephanie of the Etsy shop cvonslittleangel . She designed the head, body legs,and tail, and I added the ears, muzzle and facial detail. He is a little puppy :)
A wip pic :)

I gave him a little bag, and I teeny tiny owl friend. This is also the first time I've ever made crocheted (as opposed to embroidered) eyelids on an amigurumi. I slip stitched into the puppy dog's face, over the eyes, and then worked into my slip stitches with single crochets. Also, instead of safety eyes, I used large black buttons. I think they look nice. :)

Here are the pics of Veera's tail that I lost. You can see, using this new technique, She can actually Sit down!!

I was asked to make some custom amigurumi toys the other day! One custom Girl Mini Bat, and A custom made Toki Mini Capsule Pet.This customer also wants to buy the original Toki, So I will be saying goodbye to her soon. Here is the custom mini bat:

 And here is the custom Toki Capsule pet. (I have yet to receive conformation on this little one yet, so think of it as a first draft in, case I have to make any changes.)

And here they are together!

 Here is a girl bearling, pixie! I have to make her a best friend before she gets put into the store, however.

About a year ago, I was given a large stack (by large I mean about one-hundred) of old crafting magazines, by a very kind woman(she also gave me three or four garbage bags full of yarn!!) Amongst those magazines I found this. I believe it is a 1986 Annie's Crochet Newsletter.
In that newsletter I found this pattern, for teeny tiny pixie people! I'll admit, their eyes weird me out a bit, but I think with a few alterations, these could be super adorable, mini capsule people!!

I have so many ideas! I can't wait to get to work!!
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