Monday, February 4, 2013

What A Deal!

     Pullip dolls are EXPENSIVE. That's for sure. I only work part time, and I'm trying to save for a car, so I don't have a lot of "doll money".  I think most normal working people aren't going to be able to shell out 100 plus bucks for some plastic. Coming from a family of frugal shoppers, I find it difficult to spend that much on a collectable. So I deal shop, like most smart people~! I was browsing on for cheap doll deals when I found a price that made my jaw DROP. 15.95? You have gotta be kidding me!! I literally RAN to my room to get my debit card and buy that sucker up~! After shipping, I payed 24.00 for this 2012 byul~!

I copied the description from pullipstyle, where Byul Paradis still costs 127.95 ON SALE.

     « This is a paradise full of mystery... What kind of dream will twinkle star's music show»
Other accessories included with doll & outfit:
  • Headdress
  • Hair accessory
  • Heart shaped cape
  • Rabbit plush
  • Accordion
  • Doll Stand
・Applique, buttons, and many ribbons portrays the characteristics of the creator.
・Long and downward eyelashes and large eyes further bring out the motherly instincts.
・Two buns on either side is also distinctive.
・The accordion included will also draw attention.

     I consider byuls "harder to love" then other pullip dolls. Mostly due to their overlarge pouty lips. I probably wouldn't have considered buying this doll if it hadn't been on sale~! It's going to be a surprise, I can't wait~!

     So the moral of the story is don't buy up the first cute thing you see~! BARGAIN SHOP~! You won't regret it~!

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