Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amigurumi Pattern Testing Group On Ravelry!!

I considered it for a long time, and I finally decided to start a patten testing group on Ravelry! I'm going to start really getting serious about my pattern making ( hopefully lol )! I want to make sure my patterns are top notch quality! If you want to join the testing group, just click the link here.

                                            See, I even made a special banner for it! :D

                                                       I would love to see you in my group!

                                                                     -Brea :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making (And Attaching) Manga Eyes For Your Amigurumi!!

I've been making manga eyes for my dolls for a while now, So I figured I may as well share how I do it :) .
Usually I stick with a plain oval shape, but recently I have been branching out and making different shaped eyes! If you like to draw, these eyes are totally fun to create. They are especially great for me, because I'm always drawing eyes all over my schoolwork, notepads,window..etc. LOL

Here is a simple tutorial (my first I believe!) On how to make these eyes.

You Will Need:
-White cotton cloth, make sure it is a bit thick, because you don't want your glue making your colors bleed. I cut up an old pair of karate pants, the cloth is thick and sturdy, and there is plenty of it!
- Clear Fabric adhesive, I use liquid stitch.
-a pencil
-a black permanent marker
-a permanent marker in the color you want your cloth eyes to be. I use sharpie pens to color my eyes.
1. Pencil in the outline you want your eyes to be shaped.  I made mine more slender, and a bit almond shaped.
2. Add a half circle to each of the eyes. This is the beginnings of the inner eye.
 3. Add a circular shine to the top of the eye, and a round pupil underneath that.
 4. Add another shine in the corner (completely optional) and darken in your eyes.
 5. Now you can begin to ink your eyes in. Be careful, this is the tricky part.
 6. Finish inking.
 7. Now you can add color!! I decided on green for these eyes. You can have more or less color depending on how large the pupil is.
 8. Now cut your eyes out. Don't cut too far!
 9. This step is optional as well, but I prefer to darken in and clean up my eyes after I cut them out!
 There you go! Now you have your very own pair of manga doll eyes! Now to attach them....

              Here is a pair of oval eyes I made for Minako the bunny!( I'll show you her soon )

 You really need to lather them with adhesive. Don't be scanty on the glue, or your eyes won't stay attached!
Now press the eyes on with you fingers, and yes, you may get a little sticky at this part, don't worry it washes off. ;)

         After you press the eyes on, be sure to add glue in any little areas you may have missed.
                                             Now wait for them to dry, and your all set!!
              Be sure to check out Beth Webber's picture tutorial on painted manga eyes, HERE!
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