Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bearling Keychain!

So my mom bought this HUGE bag of felt, and when I say huge I mean it. There is probably more than 100 sheets in every color imaginable!! Some of it is even glittery(not that I'm into glitter), and most of it is REALLY soft (the expensive stuff!)

and this isn't even all of it!!

 I am going to have to seriously polish my sewing skills and make some cute felt plushies!! For starters I made a sweet little bearling keychain! (can you tell how much I LOVE the bearlings?)

 I want to make more in lots of different colors!Who knows if that will ever get done, but I certainly have the resources!

I also made this sweet crocheted kitty! I used the same baby yarn I used on Minako, and I still have way to much of it left!

 Her name is Sherbet! XD I'm trying to get on the ball, I've only been making about two projects a week, which isn't meeting my crochet quota....I have to get motivated and work harder! (man this is gonna be hard when I get a job...)
Anyhoo, I have a purple blob waiting in the project bag for some eyes (plastic or buttons, felt or cloth???)
I thiiink it's going to be a teddy.....but that is for the future to decide!! Well, until next time!!!

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