Monday, March 19, 2012

Picture Updates!

Hi all! Looking through my store, I noticed some of my pictures weren't up to par, so I decided to have a photo shoot! I re-took pictures of my anime pocket head girls, and got a good photo of pirate bear. :) My mom got this photo studio thingy for her birthday,I tried it out with her. It's pretty much a big cube, with ultra blindingly bright lights that shine inside. The pics of my plushies in it looked pretty good!

Pirate bear looking absolutely fabulous!

New pic of sunny side up....

Compared to old. It looks dark doesn't it?

New island girl

 old island girl.

 New under the sea

 and old.

I also made a new capsule pet ! His name is Vincent the bat baby! I love bats, they are one of my favorite animals! I can't stop myself from wanting to make lots and lots of them!!

cozy in his capsule home.
His wings and ears are felt, I needle felted them on. I also chained across his tummy, and let a tiny bit of fringe hang off for feet . :)

I've come up with a way to revolutionize the way I make capsule pets!! But more on that another time. ;)

For now, a moment of silence for the little mermaid Veera, who was recently sold and shipped off to her new home by the beach! (no joke!) Bye-Bye Veera! I'll miss you!

                                                   For now, I bid you all sayonara!
                                                                 xoxo  -Brea J.
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