Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leaning Tower Of Ninjas

HIYAH!!! Here's something new I've been working on (ok it's old now because I haven't been posting much ....sorry.....)
These tiny ninja dudes are super cute and easy.Easy enough that I didn't even write down the pattern(although I probably should).
When I took the pics there were only six ninjas, now I have twelve, and counting! The yellow one is probably my favorite.Usually
I prefer dark colors
but something about the yellow ninja just pops out at you. I'm hoping to sell some of these little guys at Old Fashioned Days,
an annual craft fair in central arkansas. I've spent the majority of this year preparing for this fair.....It's on Oct 8th! I'm pretty excited, and it's 8 days
before my  15th birthday :D I entered some of my dolls in the Saline County Fair again this year (Milo, Amiki the bunny, and others).....I'll post what the outcome of
 that was soon......
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