Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wip Pics

These aren't the greatest quality pics (taken on my mom's ipad) but they do give you a general idea of what i'm working on. I TOLD you I was gonna make some more amigurumi, didn't I? XD

I'll make her some clothes and hair soon, and put more pics up :3

Saturday, March 2, 2013


   To help clear out old stock, I'm offering 50% off everything in my store (excluding custom listings and orders) if you use the coupon code HALFOFF !!

Sorry about the random post overload lately, I really am working on some amigurumi, and I'm pretty motivated~! :D I forgot how fun this stuff was~! X3

Random Post: Poetry

Ever since my cousin Cedar started a writing blog, I've been in a "poet" mood. Last night Instead of reading, I sat in my bed and wrote poetry and short little stories. It was really fun~! :D
Here are a few of the things I wrote.

The first time our eyes met,
It felt like lightning,
And a flood,
And a hurricane.
I was all alone,
And far out of reach,
But you stood below my high window,
And sang songs of springtime.

I'm 16
"Get a diary and write down your feelings."
How can I possibly write
What I don't understand?

I specialize in poetry that doesn't rhyme. Lol XD
Thanks for the inspiration Cedar~!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Erik: Dolly Phantom

     Entirely customized by me. He is on display in my room~!

                                                  Just thought I'd share my handiwork. XD  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Navir Mask

   With my last check, I went to hobby lobby and bought lots of crafting junk I didn't really need. Amongst said pile of junk was an awesome blank white mask, which was just freaky / weird enough to catch my attention. I love masks, especially when they are blank and you get to decorate them yourself~! (a childish thought perhaps, but it really IS fun.)



    Doesn't it look like it leads a much more exciting life now? Such INTRIGUE~!!!
This mask is simply called "Navir". I plan on purchasing more of these masks in the future. Hobby Lobby even has cute (?) miniature ones~! :D

...and yes, I CAN sleep at night with this hanging above my bed, thank you very much. :P

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Be Writers

     My cousin and good friend Cedar is an aspiring writer. She writes ALL the time, and aspires to be a published author one day. We did a novel writing class together, and she loves reading her stories and poetry to me~! I had the idea that she could start a blog and she jumped on it~! But just a blog wasn't enough for her, she wants to create a hub for other writers to discuss, reason, and chat~! She often inspires me to write, so I will certainly be participating~! :)
     If you love, like, or are at least interested in writing, you should visit her new blog~! It's called To Be Writers~!

                        Here is the link --->     CLICK ME!!!      <---

I'm sure she would LOVE some followers, or even just visitors~! Drop by and leave a comment~! :D

Monday, February 4, 2013

What A Deal!

     Pullip dolls are EXPENSIVE. That's for sure. I only work part time, and I'm trying to save for a car, so I don't have a lot of "doll money".  I think most normal working people aren't going to be able to shell out 100 plus bucks for some plastic. Coming from a family of frugal shoppers, I find it difficult to spend that much on a collectable. So I deal shop, like most smart people~! I was browsing on for cheap doll deals when I found a price that made my jaw DROP. 15.95? You have gotta be kidding me!! I literally RAN to my room to get my debit card and buy that sucker up~! After shipping, I payed 24.00 for this 2012 byul~!

I copied the description from pullipstyle, where Byul Paradis still costs 127.95 ON SALE.

     « This is a paradise full of mystery... What kind of dream will twinkle star's music show»
Other accessories included with doll & outfit:
  • Headdress
  • Hair accessory
  • Heart shaped cape
  • Rabbit plush
  • Accordion
  • Doll Stand
・Applique, buttons, and many ribbons portrays the characteristics of the creator.
・Long and downward eyelashes and large eyes further bring out the motherly instincts.
・Two buns on either side is also distinctive.
・The accordion included will also draw attention.

     I consider byuls "harder to love" then other pullip dolls. Mostly due to their overlarge pouty lips. I probably wouldn't have considered buying this doll if it hadn't been on sale~! It's going to be a surprise, I can't wait~!

     So the moral of the story is don't buy up the first cute thing you see~! BARGAIN SHOP~! You won't regret it~!

Friday, January 25, 2013

What A Terrible Blogger.....

      This blog has been entirely neglected!! I feel sooo bad about that!! I just haven't made any amigurumi lately, so what do I blog about?? As a matter of fact, I'm still kind of in a crocheting lapse....which I very much need to pull out of!!
     Lately I've spent about 80 percent of my free time drawing. It's funny, because when I crochet a lot, my drawing gets neglected. and vice versa.
     I think I've given up on twitter. I had a lot of followers, but I have discovered that I HATE social media! I'll keep the facebook page up for my store, but who knows when it will get updated again...The only reason I really like blogging, is because it's kind of like a journal. Albeit a rarely written in journal. I don't really care how much publicity it gives me, twitter and facebook are far to time consuming. I have better things to do...
     Since I don't have any amigurumi pics to post up, maybe I'll scan in some of my drawings~! That will at least be something new to look at, aside from text. I have a LOT of drawings, so I could keep post those up for quite some time..
     Anybody else watching Downton Abbey? My mother and I recently discovered it, and it has become our new obsession~! We are on season two, and we have to finish it by the end of the week, because the library has so many requests for it. We're on the waiting list for season three as well...
   Oh, I have officially started my saving-for-a-car-fund. I have to contribute quite a bit of money per check so that takes a chunk out of my spending money. Not that I really NEED a lot of spending money, but it is nice to have. I'm dreading buying a car though, as I've already seen firsthand the horrors of paying insurance. I suppose I have to actually learn to drive before I can buy one..haha.

I'm going to TRY and crochet something(don't hold your breath) so hopefully I will blog again soon~!

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