Saturday, December 31, 2011


Congrats to Katie for winning the baby bat pattern! I should get back to regular posting again so stay tuned! happy new year everyone! :D

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Very First Pattern and My Very First Giveaway!!!

I just published my first pattern for sale on ravelry!!! I published my pattern for the little baby bats!
Here is a link to the sale page. Here  To celebrate my very first sellable pattern, I'm going to have a giveaway!! I will be giving out 1 free copy of the pdf pattern! :)  Here are the rules
1. You must follow my blog to enter. must leave a comment stating your name, and your e-mail address
(if you don't leave your e-mail address, I can't send you the pattern)

and that's pretty much it lol! XD  I'll pick the winner randomly on the 31st!
Have fun everybody!!

Don't you want a friend that's a little....batty..?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's been a year!!?

I was scanning through my old posts(wow my pictures have gotten better ) and I realized I've been in the blogging world for an entire year!! Yes my blogging has been few and far between in the past, but as the new year approaches I have been posting more and more! Just wanted to say thanks to my readers! 
On to my projects....Still haven't gotten around to making that pirate bear....But I did make a pirate goblin! Does that count..?
I like my goblins :) I think they're cute! Maybe This little guy will get a crew soon.....    

I made a black mini bat too! I've been making an awful lot of mini things lately.....But small things are quick, easy, and cute! I love little Batty...He's in my Etsy. I didn't write down the pattern (again...) But I'm sure I could make him a second time! (and that time I would write it down!!)

Oh! good news! My dad is going to give me a program I can use to make my patterns! I think I might actually be able to make some to sell(and give away!) I said I would probably make Carter the fox first, but I might start with something a little bat.....
I made his ears with this ultra soft fuzzy yarn...
 Here is an anime looking koala I made the other day.....I have yet to post it.....
 This was actually a cat, if you can believe that however, it didn't really work out the way I wanted.
You know, I don't think I've ever made a koala before! I guess this is a first :)
she is realllllly soft XD

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

OH! What Big Eyes You Have!

 I made a cardboard thingamajig to mount my safety eyes on while I paint them.
 I initially painted them all black, but then I started painting random things on them...On one pair
I painted something like tiny suns...I have no idea what I'm going to use them on lol XD
 I sort of tried to make anime/manga style eyes with this pair. I'm Not really sure it worked....
 Here is a little poof ball kitty I created ( he's available in my Etsy store) He's modeling a pair of freshly glossed black eyes.
 Here is the start to a pair of hand drawn anime eyes....
 And here is the finished product! I absolutely LOVE drawing anime eyes. It is rare to find a piece of my schoolwork without an eye or two on it! :)
I started a little doll with my new creations, I kind of wish I had used them on an animal, but oh well I can make more :)
And here she is all dressed up and ready to go! :)  I think I'm gonna make some more anime dolls in the near future (gee it seems like I've been putting that a lot lately lol)  :D
Princess PetalBlossom

Friday, December 9, 2011

Piggies and Owls and Foxes OH MY!

YAY! I finally finished the fox! I named him Carter and plopped him in my store! :)   I wrote down his pattern but I'm still trying to think of how I can get it into PDF format......

Hooray I have legs now! :)

I had to hook in strands of yarn and brush them to make Carter's tail bushy!
 Anywho! I made some cute new thingies! I'm still stuck on the owl babies! I love them! I tried a pig too! Expect too see some more micro cuteness in the near future :)
For the record I HATE working with fuzzy yarn... but it's worth it in the end... :)
I love this cutie-pie!!
He looks like he's

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Sad Tale To Tell....

 This is a story about a little purple bunny. A long time ago he was slowly and unskillfully created by a young girl who was new to the art of amigurumi. When he was finally completed, the little bunny was sure he would be loved forever by his creator. She did love him, in fact she thought he was adorable. However, as her crocheting skills improved, the girl realized that her little purple bunny was not very well made at all. So, after trying, and failing to brush bunny to make his fur thicker ( which resulted in 50% of bunny's insides being pulled through the large holes in his body) bunny was tossed aside, where he sat in the cold and dark for a very, very, long time. One day, the girl was rearranging the furniture in her room, when she found bunny shoved in the corner, coated in dust,with a large hole in his side. Poor bunny, he had been lonely for so long, but now he had finally, finally, been found. The girl thought the pitiful little doll was so funny that she had to take a picture to show the world how awful her dolls used to look. After the picture was taken, bunny was  unceremoniously tossed into a green garbage bag, never to be seen again........

Here are the pics of the monkeys I had to make........

I know a lot of people post work-in-progress pics on wednesday,so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm working on this little fox dude right now :) He's currently leg-less. I do like him, and hope to maybe
(that's a big maybe!!) debut him as my first sell-able pattern.........

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stuff you haven't seen (a.k.a. lazy posting)

 I'm in no mood to blog are some pics instead! Enjoy!
freaky alien dude

momo the bear

kitty keychain

Xander the anime cat
This is a scarf I was asked to make....before this I had never tried pom-poms.The first few were a disaster , but I got it in the end :) i was asked to make some monkeys too....but sorry, guys no pics. Hope everyone had a totally awesome Turkey Day ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh No!( I Apologize Humbly)

Soooo I've done it again! It's been more than a month and I haven't posted ! :(  I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I don't have any pics to put up, but I'll catch you up on what's been happening in my life. As of October 16th I am officially 15 years old!! Woohoo! XD  I got lots of awesome presents for my b-day( I should have pics of those soon) Like a new bedspread, my own camera!!!(Which I won't have pics of for obvious reasons)  A pair of shoes,some books, a pair of boots(my fave pair right now <3 ) and a bunch of platinum edition Disney classics (I can't help that I love the Disney Princesses!!)

The day after my b-day I went on a much awaited trip to the mall and spent nearly all my hard earned money(via a very successful craft fair) at one store.(go figure) I bought myself the perfect winter pea-coat and....more boots(I currently have 5 pairs) I was also sorely tempted to buy myself a pirate build-a-bear, but I tore myself away before wasting more than thirty dollars on something I could make for free. I also felt a bit self conscious as the only other people in the store were a four year old girl and her mother(HEY! It was cute ok!?) Note to self  : make a pirate bear......

Ah! I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I'm writing a novel!! My mom (aka: my teacher) is letting my big bro, some of my cousins, and I, participate in a program called One Year Adventure Novel! We've been working on our 1st chapters for a couple weeks now(after months and months of note taking) and I have actually finished mine!! We read our stories aloud when we meet,and mom said she nearly cried when I read mine (YAY, that's exactly the reaction I wanted!) I can't WAIT to hear all the other 1st chapters! Overall I'd say I've had a pretty good month! :) I'll get a better post soon(I also need to get on the ball with my Etsy which is still on vacation X( ) see ya then!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nyan What???

NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan! Ahhhh! I can't get that stupid, annoying,adorable song out of my head!! Until about 1 week ago I had absolutely NO IDEA what nyan cat was. However, a customer requested I make her a nyan cat scarf,so, I googled it and now I can't get that song out of my brain! How would you come up with the idea of a cat with a poptart body flying through space on a rainbow...? Beats me.

The scarf was super fun to make though! Especially the pop tart body! After I made that I had to try something else nyan cat, and my G-ma thought a purse would be really cute.


I sold it in just a few days! I'm currently working on another one.

....Oh! and before I forget The results of the fair....All these awesome ribbons >_<  and a 28.00 cash prize to boot!The best of show ribbons went to my brushed terrier and this little needle felted cat-girl!                                                    I've been meaning to blog about the cat girl for quite a while now XD     


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leaning Tower Of Ninjas

HIYAH!!! Here's something new I've been working on (ok it's old now because I haven't been posting much ....sorry.....)
These tiny ninja dudes are super cute and easy.Easy enough that I didn't even write down the pattern(although I probably should).
When I took the pics there were only six ninjas, now I have twelve, and counting! The yellow one is probably my favorite.Usually
I prefer dark colors
but something about the yellow ninja just pops out at you. I'm hoping to sell some of these little guys at Old Fashioned Days,
an annual craft fair in central arkansas. I've spent the majority of this year preparing for this fair.....It's on Oct 8th! I'm pretty excited, and it's 8 days
before my  15th birthday :D I entered some of my dolls in the Saline County Fair again this year (Milo, Amiki the bunny, and others).....I'll post what the outcome of
 that was soon......

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shy Little Milo

I LOVE this doll. My mom thinks she looks like something from The Corpse Bride (my big bro agrees) but I still love her!

I Don't know why, but I Imagine Milo being very shy and quiet. I actually think she would look really good with tiny glasses(maybe because of her freakishly large eyes), but she has no ears so she couldn't hold them up....  I started making Milo using Beth Webber's free spirit amigurumi pattern (If You haven't heard of her blog, by hook by hand, you HAVE to check it out, it's on my blogroll on the left) but then I just kinda branched off and started doing my own thing. I crocheted her little dress, then took a little piece of sheer plaid scarf and made her a shawl. She's kind of a mix between old-fashioned, and new-fangled! I like dolls like that! :D

Her hair was really fun to make! (I love doll hair!)
 and I actually gave this doll eyebrows! I think that's a first for me...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Patch The Pirate Bag

I'm really sorry everyone! I haven't posted in months, I feel really bad about it! Our new school year started last week. I'm a junior now! :D I've been really lazy about my crafting this summer....surprisingly, starting school back has actually given me new inspiration! I have already made about five things this week! For now I guess I'll show off one of the (few) things I did make during summer break.

Patch and company
 Meet patch the pirate bag and his crew! I posted a while back about a monster bag I made for myself. Since then I have started making simple drawstring bags and adding monstery details.for Patch,(the bag with the eye patch of course) I needle felted his eye patch and mouth! Needle felting is so much more convenient then sewing for small details!

Patch is  my favorite, but he's a close second to zombie guy (betcha can't guess which one that is) Patch, zombie, and the nameless red bag with vertical eyes (who I find extremely creepy) are shoulder bags. The smaller burgundy and ice blue monsters are dice bags. The pink monster is a change purse.

Zombie Guy
I've had crafters block these last few months,however, I went to my cousin's (owlette's) house today,and she supplied me with a ton of very unique buttons that could certainly be used for doll eyes! (and some that look suspiciously like fingernails, don't ask)
Now I have new supplies and inspiration! My creative juices are really flowing! Expect to hear from me again soon!

Oh! and before I forget, I've updated my Etsy store! FREE SHIPPING IN THE US ON EVERYTHING!!!! Check it out!
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