Friday, July 27, 2012

Lisa's Minako

Lisa ( Iesadora ) Won my Minako pattern a while back, and a few days ago she sent me pictures of her finished bunny! Here they are!!

                                                Isn't it just a cutie!!?? I love the bow-tie! >v<

                                                     Thanks for sharing your pics Lisa!! :D

                       I made some plushies too! Some cute lil teddies!  Classy Teddy and Lemon Pie teddy!

I made some more custom ninjas too, but I don't have pics of those(besides, ninjas are getting a little boring aren't they?)

                                                                  Until next time then!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hanging With The Horses

Hi all! I haven't posted in soooo looooong. Sorry! I've just gotten a bit off track! I have a different sort a post today! A few days ago, my cousin came over to my house to hang out. My cousin, Little brother, and I went walking down the little country road that leads to the gas-station(we were going to buy soda and snacks)When we came across a pasture with three horses in it. I've walked past that field a hundred times, but I never really stopped to look at the horses. They walked right up to the fence and stared at us. We were transfixed, they were so pretty! The friendliest was a dark brown horse with completely black eyes. It (I don't know if it was a he or she) ate right out of our hands.

                                                               I got lots of pictures!

                                                                     Isn't it pretty!? :)

              Their was also this lovely horsy, with the bright blue eyes! They were so pretty.

                                         Maybe it's blind??? I know nothing about horses XD

                             I also took pictures of my peeps posing on the cutest tiny bridge.
 My cousin ended up staying the night, and we had a great time drinking sonic shakes, making up stories, and playing games on my tablet! My cousin also watched Sweeney Todd for the first time, which was ultra fun! It was a great night! :)

Alrighty! Here are the little ninjas I made for my lil cousins b-days on the $th of July (Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while LOL) I've been commissioned by another little friend to make some ninjas, so I've got my hands full!

                                          I've also been drawing a lot lately ^_^ I've been busy!!

I drew this one for a contest!
My avatar from the website Tinierme
 I hope to blog more soon. I've been working on some cute new plushies, and can't wait to show them off! :D                                                                        Until then!


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