Friday, April 1, 2011

A Crocheted Potato

Hello blogland! Sorry Iv'e been so long gone, but I have been sick for the past three weeks! I'm still feeling a little under the weather, but I'm recovering. Ah yes, about the title....Well It's not technically a potato but it sort of looks like one. Isn't that the happiest little potato you've ever seen!

The little heads (ok I completely made the potato thing up) are called Yukkuri and apparently they are from some kind of computer game. This little lady was a custom order. I have never played the game myself but the little heads are awfully cute! 

Oh, and On a different note I'm planning on entering the April designers challenge on ravelry! Last month the challenge was based on gloves and socks, and I just don't do clothing.....But this month the theme is ....wait for it....Animals!!! The prize is a ton of beautiful yarn from knitpicks! I can't wait to start on my project!
Also If you have an account on Ravelry or are planning to make one (it takes 5 seconds) The voting for the march challenge is still open! Owlette (ravelry user-name carej) Made a pair of beautiful fingerless gloves called "Traveling Garden" I'm sure she would appreciate your vote!! Here is a link to the voting page! THE PAGE WHERE YOU VOTE Vote for Carej!!
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