Thursday, October 8, 2015

~Getting Back In The Game~

~Hey there my plush loving pals~

   It's tough getting my shop stocked up again after such a long hiatus..I'm not as fast at crocheting as I was! But I have managed to whip up a few projects, and am now on a schedule to get my plushies out in a more timely manner~Here's a little of what I've been working on..

~Of course the classic bearling~

    I'm really trying to restock fast, but with just a few months til the holidays I think I may have started a bit late..heh..^^'

   Anyhoo, I think my next course of action is toget this blog redesigned...It's looked the same way for about 2-3 years~! Hard to believe really. I would be really interested in hearing opinions on what I should focus on posting about. I'd love your opinion!
 Tutorials? Should I focus more on patterns and the maker side of things?
More business oriented? ie. shop updates, coupon codes and giveaways.
Personal stuff? Believe me, I can take LOTS of pictures of my doll collection~! XD

Let me know what you all think~! Until next time~

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