Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Tragedy + Cute New Amigurumi

I'm sorry everyone ^_^;  I would have posted sooner, but a horrible tragedy has befallen me ( ok maybe that's a little dramatic..). Bet you can't guess....I LOST MY FLASH DRIVE!!! How am I supposed to upload pictures without the use of a flash drive!! But oh dad said he'd give me a new one ;) Until then however, You will just have to do with these pics I pulled off of my Etsy listings. I had wip pics and more (I was gearing up for a long post) But for now this is it.

Here is the finished blue anime doll.She is a mermaid named Veera. I made her differently than I usually make mermaids. I added the tail after making the body instead of working it in. I slip stitched into the bottom half, and worked on both sides to make the opening,then I gradually decreased and added the fin. The difference is that now she can bend at the waist! I had some wip pics of the tails workings, but I don't have them anymore... :(

I sorta got the name from the designer Veera Wang lol XD I love her shoes :)

 Also, I made some new capsule pets! Chipper the bird, and Toki the cat!As you can see, I've been putting those beads to good use. :)

 Oh did I tell you about the Etsy team? No? Well there is a team on Etsy called Just Plush, and I was made first, an admin to the facebook page, and then a leader of the etsy team!! I know It's probably a little silly to be excited about it, but it makes me happy anyway. >v<   The team is doing a pattern trade soon, and I will probably be trading one of my amigurumi patterns with another members. Then we will compare work! Sounds fun right? If you are a plush maker on Etsy, you should apply for the team! here is a link : right here!

I said goodbye to Mimi and Sweeta today, they are off to a loving new home! I also made a custom order ninja, for another wonderful customer!

Bye-bye Mimi
You too Sweeta! I'll miss you!
I am working on a new bearling right now! I'm also thinking about making a mini capsule pet ninja, that would be neat....
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