Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Owly And More!!

Aaah I'm back again! :) The other day my grandma took me out shopping, we went to Hobby Lobby and got some awesome beads!!

The ones on the left are glass beads.
Don't these ones look like cat's eyes?! I made grandma a kitty keychain to say thank you, sadly I forgot to take pics before I sent it off. :( 

 And I got new shoes!!! Yaaay! I LOVE shoes X) And these ones are just my type! In fact, they look a lot like another pair I have, only that pair is old and falling apart. ( I still wear them though lol )

I <3 Wedges :)

Aaah but too the point! I said I was going to make some amigurumi to put into those capsules, remember?
Well I did :) Another owl baby! ( Sorry I'm obsessed with owls lately XD )

His name is Howard. Cute huh? He's only about an inch tall, and fits perfectly in his little capsule :D
He's available for adoption in my Etsy store.

I started another capsule critter, a purple octopus. Should have pics soon :) Until then!

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