Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well Ninjamals isn't strictly their Official name.....( I'm sure I've heard that name before...Maybe because it sounds like Garanimals..?) but it sounds kinda neat! Here they are!!

                               First and foremost, there is black kitty ninja, super stealth assassin!

           I imagine he spends most of his day training so he can be stronger than all the other cats in his village.

Then there is pink bunny ninja. She's a bit ditzy, but she means well. No-one believes she is actually a ninja. Poor bunny, train a little harder!!

I made pixie bearlings best friend! Pal absolutely adores pixie, but she doesn't seem to notice... <_<

Pal the bearling

Pixie n Pal together

 Sorry was that a bit too much? lol It's so fun imagining their stories!! (even if it is a bit weird...)
All of these cuties are available in my Etsy shop!

I have a ginormous ball of pastel baby yarn... I need to use some up, but I'm not sure what to make! Any suggestions??
Yarn shown much smaller than actual size
                                             Well I better go get to work, until next time!!

                                                          Hugs and kisses! -Brea
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