Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey There!

Hi all~! I just wanted to post something up real quick, to say that I won't be able to post anything up. ^^"

Sorry for the LONG, LOOOOOONG wait for a new post, but my internet access is limited at the moment, and I will have to wait for the next data cycle to begin before I can blog again. :(
Aside from that, I've been working my behind off trying to get some toys put together for old fashioned days (the annual craft fair I attend). The fair is in less than a month, and I'm feeling a little stressed :O . I ALSO just got a GIANT custom order for five 7" ninjas. They're not my normal ninjas though, they're fat and chubby~! XD So cute~! 

       Here is the picture I am supposed to base them on:

Hopefully they turn out cute~! Anyhoo, I'll try and post again soon~!
 Hugs and kisses,
 Ps. OH~! I completely forgot to show off my new stuff from Vistaprint didn't I? :D

        A banner for craft fairs...
 Adorable bearling business cards....

 ...and totally cute bearling printed notepaper~! XD I love them all~!

 PPs. I guess this did sort of turn into a post didn't it...?

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