Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old Fashion Day And More~!

Well it came and went, faster than I would have imagined!! I can't believe I did all that preparation, and it's already over!!
When we first got to the courthouse lawn, which is where the booths are set up, it was wet, drizzling, and overall miserable weather for a fair. I was totally stressed out.

The grey and gloomy sky when we first arrived
 We were right underneath a big tree, which under normal circumstances is good, but water was dripping from the leaves and branches onto my stuff! It was a good thing we brought cloths to put on the tables, because we were able to cover the plushies and save them from a terrible (and wet ) fate.
Thank God, the weather cleared up at just about the time that the fair opened. People started to come, and we were able to uncover the toys.

The banner I ordered ended up being to long for the new tables, so it was hanging on the ground, but nobody really payed much attention to it anyway.

The table, and me, trying to avoid getting my picture taken.

 We were, of course, One of the ONLY booths without a canopy over our heads, but I didn't really mind that either.

These guys look so much cuter all boxed together!

 As the day went on, business picked up, and lots of people started coming! I made a killing~!! X3
The music was VERY loud, and they kept playing the same songs over and over and over and over...(mostly Michael Jackson...) but aside from that, a very long and boring auction, and the slightly disturbing sight of Ronald Mcdonald moon-walking (ALMOST got it on video..darn..) the fair was pretty fun~!

Mom arranging the quickly emptying table.
Even more empty...

I just took this picture because it was cute... X3

 A few days later was...drum roll please...MY 16TH BIRTHDAY~!!! It was so much fun, best birthday ever~!! My mom set up the dining room like a theatre, with a mural that looked like a curtain, and lights all around it. Their were masks all over the table, and stars hanging from the ceiling. I got more Phantom Of The Opera merchandise than should be allowed in one room. X3 I was totally geeking out. I also got the doll I wanted from my Grandma~!!!

My little girl Dove :3
 I am officially a Dal owner~! I already changed her wig, from her original to this black one, and now her hair is red~! (Yeah... I scalped a lot of porcelain dolls...)

Looks left
and right

 I had a b-day sleepover, and me and my bffs dressed up in old fashioned clothes, and had tea. Ironically, though it was my birthday, I was the butler. :) It was really fun~!

Two of the costumes, I'm the one on the right in the red vest...I love that vest...

This shirt was WAY to big for any of us...but we wore it anyway~!
 I erased the rest of the pictures, because the quality was even worse than these. X)

 I got sick at the end of the party, as I do every time we stay up until 6 am, but it was still really fun~!

 The outfit I showed Dove in was made by me~! I'm satisfying my dolly love by crocheting and sewing Pullip and Dal clothes to sell, so you will probably see more pics of them soon~!

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