Saturday, March 2, 2013


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Sorry about the random post overload lately, I really am working on some amigurumi, and I'm pretty motivated~! :D I forgot how fun this stuff was~! X3

Random Post: Poetry

Ever since my cousin Cedar started a writing blog, I've been in a "poet" mood. Last night Instead of reading, I sat in my bed and wrote poetry and short little stories. It was really fun~! :D
Here are a few of the things I wrote.

The first time our eyes met,
It felt like lightning,
And a flood,
And a hurricane.
I was all alone,
And far out of reach,
But you stood below my high window,
And sang songs of springtime.

I'm 16
"Get a diary and write down your feelings."
How can I possibly write
What I don't understand?

I specialize in poetry that doesn't rhyme. Lol XD
Thanks for the inspiration Cedar~!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Erik: Dolly Phantom

     Entirely customized by me. He is on display in my room~!

                                                  Just thought I'd share my handiwork. XD  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Navir Mask

   With my last check, I went to hobby lobby and bought lots of crafting junk I didn't really need. Amongst said pile of junk was an awesome blank white mask, which was just freaky / weird enough to catch my attention. I love masks, especially when they are blank and you get to decorate them yourself~! (a childish thought perhaps, but it really IS fun.)



    Doesn't it look like it leads a much more exciting life now? Such INTRIGUE~!!!
This mask is simply called "Navir". I plan on purchasing more of these masks in the future. Hobby Lobby even has cute (?) miniature ones~! :D

...and yes, I CAN sleep at night with this hanging above my bed, thank you very much. :P

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Be Writers

     My cousin and good friend Cedar is an aspiring writer. She writes ALL the time, and aspires to be a published author one day. We did a novel writing class together, and she loves reading her stories and poetry to me~! I had the idea that she could start a blog and she jumped on it~! But just a blog wasn't enough for her, she wants to create a hub for other writers to discuss, reason, and chat~! She often inspires me to write, so I will certainly be participating~! :)
     If you love, like, or are at least interested in writing, you should visit her new blog~! It's called To Be Writers~!

                        Here is the link --->     CLICK ME!!!      <---

I'm sure she would LOVE some followers, or even just visitors~! Drop by and leave a comment~! :D

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