Saturday, August 6, 2011

Patch The Pirate Bag

I'm really sorry everyone! I haven't posted in months, I feel really bad about it! Our new school year started last week. I'm a junior now! :D I've been really lazy about my crafting this summer....surprisingly, starting school back has actually given me new inspiration! I have already made about five things this week! For now I guess I'll show off one of the (few) things I did make during summer break.

Patch and company
 Meet patch the pirate bag and his crew! I posted a while back about a monster bag I made for myself. Since then I have started making simple drawstring bags and adding monstery details.for Patch,(the bag with the eye patch of course) I needle felted his eye patch and mouth! Needle felting is so much more convenient then sewing for small details!

Patch is  my favorite, but he's a close second to zombie guy (betcha can't guess which one that is) Patch, zombie, and the nameless red bag with vertical eyes (who I find extremely creepy) are shoulder bags. The smaller burgundy and ice blue monsters are dice bags. The pink monster is a change purse.

Zombie Guy
I've had crafters block these last few months,however, I went to my cousin's (owlette's) house today,and she supplied me with a ton of very unique buttons that could certainly be used for doll eyes! (and some that look suspiciously like fingernails, don't ask)
Now I have new supplies and inspiration! My creative juices are really flowing! Expect to hear from me again soon!

Oh! and before I forget, I've updated my Etsy store! FREE SHIPPING IN THE US ON EVERYTHING!!!! Check it out!
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