Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lack of posts~!

So sorry~! I haven't really been posting much at all lately~!! My life has gotten pretty busy since I started working, and the custom ninja orders have just been flooding in~! My hands are totally full~! But rest assured, I will, God willing, get back into the flow of normal posting again~! I've just gotta get some of this work out of the way~!

I've made tons of new pullip outfits (well, like, five) and I will try and get pics of them soon~I also got a new doll~! A boy (taeyang) doll, I named him Erik. I don't have any pics of him yet, so I'll just give you a stock photo~

Anyhoo, I have a ton of ninjas to make so I'd better get going~Talk to you guys later~!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini Dino, and Handmade Pullip Eyes~!

So I got a request for a custom dino~! Apparently, he thinks he is a turtle, and wears and acorn cap on his back lol~! I've been making so much doll stuff lately, I kind of forgot what it felt like to use worsted weight yarn~! XD

 I used teeny tiny glass beads for his eyes. My favorite bit is his mouth though,  he has a cute smile~! :D

 I believe his name is Sheldon~! Such a cute name for this little guy~! :D I hope he likes his new home~! :3

And of course, I have been crocheting clothes and such for Dove~! Lookee here, without paying a dime, dove got new eye chips, a new wig, and a new dress (which is going to be sold, sorry Dove).

I crocheted the wig with bulky weight lion brand yarn. I brushed it out, and it made lovely red locks~! It stays on my Dal's head with sticky velcro.

The dress of course was crocheted with fingering weight yarn. I'm still developing my doll clothes-designing skills,  so I'm mostly sticking with simple designs.

The eye chips were fun to make, If you own a Dal, Pullip, Isul or Taeyang there is a way to make your own eye chips~! I used amigurumi safety eyes~! I clipped off the back with wire cutters, sanded it down, and then painted the backside, and sealed it. Then just a little bit of glue around the edges ( just to make sure they wouldn't fall out) , and Dove had a pair of pretty green eyes~! :3

                                                I'm very pleased with the outcome~! 

I may not have as much time for crafting as I usually would, because...drum roll please...I GOT MY FIRST JOB~!!!! XD Yup, as of today, I am officially a Wal-Mart employee~! I'm uber excited to start my first day~! :3


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old Fashion Day And More~!

Well it came and went, faster than I would have imagined!! I can't believe I did all that preparation, and it's already over!!
When we first got to the courthouse lawn, which is where the booths are set up, it was wet, drizzling, and overall miserable weather for a fair. I was totally stressed out.

The grey and gloomy sky when we first arrived
 We were right underneath a big tree, which under normal circumstances is good, but water was dripping from the leaves and branches onto my stuff! It was a good thing we brought cloths to put on the tables, because we were able to cover the plushies and save them from a terrible (and wet ) fate.
Thank God, the weather cleared up at just about the time that the fair opened. People started to come, and we were able to uncover the toys.

The banner I ordered ended up being to long for the new tables, so it was hanging on the ground, but nobody really payed much attention to it anyway.

The table, and me, trying to avoid getting my picture taken.

 We were, of course, One of the ONLY booths without a canopy over our heads, but I didn't really mind that either.

These guys look so much cuter all boxed together!

 As the day went on, business picked up, and lots of people started coming! I made a killing~!! X3
The music was VERY loud, and they kept playing the same songs over and over and over and over...(mostly Michael Jackson...) but aside from that, a very long and boring auction, and the slightly disturbing sight of Ronald Mcdonald moon-walking (ALMOST got it on video..darn..) the fair was pretty fun~!

Mom arranging the quickly emptying table.
Even more empty...

I just took this picture because it was cute... X3

 A few days later was...drum roll please...MY 16TH BIRTHDAY~!!! It was so much fun, best birthday ever~!! My mom set up the dining room like a theatre, with a mural that looked like a curtain, and lights all around it. Their were masks all over the table, and stars hanging from the ceiling. I got more Phantom Of The Opera merchandise than should be allowed in one room. X3 I was totally geeking out. I also got the doll I wanted from my Grandma~!!!

My little girl Dove :3
 I am officially a Dal owner~! I already changed her wig, from her original to this black one, and now her hair is red~! (Yeah... I scalped a lot of porcelain dolls...)

Looks left
and right

 I had a b-day sleepover, and me and my bffs dressed up in old fashioned clothes, and had tea. Ironically, though it was my birthday, I was the butler. :) It was really fun~!

Two of the costumes, I'm the one on the right in the red vest...I love that vest...

This shirt was WAY to big for any of us...but we wore it anyway~!
 I erased the rest of the pictures, because the quality was even worse than these. X)

 I got sick at the end of the party, as I do every time we stay up until 6 am, but it was still really fun~!

 The outfit I showed Dove in was made by me~! I'm satisfying my dolly love by crocheting and sewing Pullip and Dal clothes to sell, so you will probably see more pics of them soon~!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Cuties and Big Stress

O.M.G. Their is a 20% rain chance on Saturday. SATURDAY IS THE DAY OF MY CRAFT FAIR!!! Please, no....

On a happier note, I took some pics  of my newest creations~! These little guys are made from a super simple body pattern that was easy to write up~! I'm very happy with how they came out, and I'm working on another one right now~! It's nice to take a break from anime style dolls once in a while to make something old fashioned-looking~! :)

Making overalls was a first for me, but it's essentially the same as making a dress...only with leg holes! XD

You can see how simple the body is, just circles and tubes, and no fancy detailing. The fact that their so simple is what makes me like them~! They work up fast too~! :D

               I'm seriously hoping it's not going to rain Saturday...that would kill me... >_>

                                                                      Lotsa Love,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Post~Obsessions

I can be a fairly obsessive person. When I like something, I LOVE it. Currently their are two things I am super duper in love with.

1. The Phantom Of The Opera

 I'm a super Phan~! I never knew anything about the phantom until my mom bought me the book. As far as I'm concerned, any book with a chapter called "The Torture Chamber" is worth reading (LOL)
After I read the book, which I loved, I watched the movie. After I watched the movie, I watched the film version of the 2012 musical, which totally blew the movie out of the water~! I've also read the more recent adaption of the book titled simply "Phantom". It was pretty good too~! I am CONSTANTLY singing the songs from the musical, I even have the soundtrack from the original performance in the 80's. Aside from the totally awesome/epic/tragic storyline, I just LOVE the mask~! I've been thinking about making some Erik (phantom) inspired plushies, but of course, if I did, I would have to keep them~!

 2.  Pullips

O.M.G. I LOVE THESE DOLLS~!!! I have seen pictures of collectable bjds (ball jointed dolls) before, but I always thought they were too expensive. Then I discovered pullips. They have got to be the most adorable creatures ever to be molded in plastic~!!! Plus if you shop around (I've been to about 20 websites selling them, I'm super cheap XD ) you can get a Dal ( the 12 inch version) for about 80 dollars~!!! Yeah, that is pretty expensive, I know, but most bjds I have seen range from 100-700 dollars~!!

A pullip
I could totally see myself getting addicted to pullips. You can not only change their clothes, but also their hair and eyes~! Some seriously hardcore collectors even repaint their faces....but I don't think I'm brave enough to try that~! XD

A Dal

This is the Dal I am HOPING to get for my 16th b-day (In a few days people~!! XD ) Her name is Lizbel, but I think I would re-name her....If I don't get her for my Sweet 16, I'll have to shell out some cash from my upcoming craft fair. (sigh)

There was a TON to choose from, but the purple eyes won me over.

I thought at first I was super immature for wanting one (or two..or three...) of these. But I've ALWAYS loved dolls ( that's why I make them!). I'm one of those girls that went from baby dolls, to barbies, to American girls, so I guess this is just on step up (?) After extensive research, I've found that most pullip collectors are adults....I don't feel so bad now~! T v T

So here ends my random post~I'm working on some tiny little dolls, and I'll try to have pics up soon~!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ninjas (again) !!!

So I finally finished those big fat ninjas, here they are~!

For some reason I can't get good pics on them. ^^" Maybe because they're black?
Anyoo, I went through a lot of frustration getting these done. I was having a serious pity party after I ripped out the first doll for the second or third time. But they're done now anyway. I feel more relieved than accomplished.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey There!

Hi all~! I just wanted to post something up real quick, to say that I won't be able to post anything up. ^^"

Sorry for the LONG, LOOOOOONG wait for a new post, but my internet access is limited at the moment, and I will have to wait for the next data cycle to begin before I can blog again. :(
Aside from that, I've been working my behind off trying to get some toys put together for old fashioned days (the annual craft fair I attend). The fair is in less than a month, and I'm feeling a little stressed :O . I ALSO just got a GIANT custom order for five 7" ninjas. They're not my normal ninjas though, they're fat and chubby~! XD So cute~! 

       Here is the picture I am supposed to base them on:

Hopefully they turn out cute~! Anyhoo, I'll try and post again soon~!
 Hugs and kisses,
 Ps. OH~! I completely forgot to show off my new stuff from Vistaprint didn't I? :D

        A banner for craft fairs...
 Adorable bearling business cards....

 ...and totally cute bearling printed notepaper~! XD I love them all~!

 PPs. I guess this did sort of turn into a post didn't it...?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mermaids and Elf Guys~♥

I've been away for so long~! I should have blogged a lot sooner, sorry~! Anyhoo, I've made quite a bit of stuff since last time~! I've been working like crazy on some mermaids (I'm just in a mermaid mood) and mermen~! Here are some pics~!

                                       This is Celestia, she is the youngest of 200 mermaid sisters~

This is Andre, he is an aspiring warrior in king Triton's army, although right now, he is to young to join~

                                  This is Rosalia, she is the sweet little niece of king Triton

I really love Rosalia, she turned out so small and cute~! > v <

I also made this guy, his name is Elroah, and he's an ELF NOT A VAMPIRE (everyone keeps saying he looks like a vampire >_> )
I'm happy about how he turned out, but it took me FOREVER to make him. I used roving to needle felt his hair in, so that took about 2 hours(no joke) and then I had to make his cloak...that took a while too.

 I got bored a few days ago, so I started messing with some pictures on Photoshop. So, to say farewell, here is some bearling modern art~!

 Until next time~!

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