Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mermaids and Elf Guys~♥

I've been away for so long~! I should have blogged a lot sooner, sorry~! Anyhoo, I've made quite a bit of stuff since last time~! I've been working like crazy on some mermaids (I'm just in a mermaid mood) and mermen~! Here are some pics~!

                                       This is Celestia, she is the youngest of 200 mermaid sisters~

This is Andre, he is an aspiring warrior in king Triton's army, although right now, he is to young to join~

                                  This is Rosalia, she is the sweet little niece of king Triton

I really love Rosalia, she turned out so small and cute~! > v <

I also made this guy, his name is Elroah, and he's an ELF NOT A VAMPIRE (everyone keeps saying he looks like a vampire >_> )
I'm happy about how he turned out, but it took me FOREVER to make him. I used roving to needle felt his hair in, so that took about 2 hours(no joke) and then I had to make his cloak...that took a while too.

 I got bored a few days ago, so I started messing with some pictures on Photoshop. So, to say farewell, here is some bearling modern art~!

 Until next time~!

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