Sunday, June 24, 2012

Experimenting With Jointing

I love making dolls, but my biggest problem is that the legs are always really stiff, and I can't get the doll to sit down! Well, that problem is no more! I found a blog with a tutorial on how to thread joint legs, and it worked! You can find a link to that blog HERE. Another thing I wanted to try was jointing heads. I've used safety eyes to joint ami heads before, but that always seemed a little flimsy to me, and I had to make the hole in the neck really small. I found an easier way to do it! There is another helpful tutorial, HERE! Honestly I don't know what I would do without the internet....
Anyway! I made a doll with jointed legs and head! Her name is Sasha and I absolutely LOVE her!!

I'm getting better at styling doll hair too! I just used plain black yarn for Sasha's hair, hooking it into the scalp every two rows until I reached the crown, then hooking in long bangs, and cutting them to the desired length.

I made a few other toys with jointed necks as well, Beep the robot kitty, and Nicolo the bear.

Nicolo is sort of like Pirate Bears stalker (LOL) I figured since he was an angry looking bear he should join the crew of the Sunshiney (Pirate Bear's ship, if you don't remember) He's a stow-away!
I want to make a newer, cooler version of pirate bear, maybe I will change his color scheme to something more masculine....I could also make him a hat, now that I know how to do it!

 Beep is a robot kitty, I've had these buttons for quite a while, and they make perfect robot eyes! The Caron simply soft looked really shiny too, kind of like metal.

I also figured I should try and make something else with my abundance of felt, so I drew out a cheezy little 2D sewing pattern on some graph paper. I love the way plush food looks (so cute!!) so I drew an ice cream cone and a cupcake, and cut them out.

I wasn't entirely sure these were good enough, but I used the cupcake template, and cut out some felt. Here's what I made!

 I love him, and now I can make as many cupcakes as I want!! The ice cream should be next.

Oh yeah, I drew on the graph paper too...I have lots of sketchbooks, but I hate ruining the completely white pages by DRAWING on them(ironic I know)! Aaaaanyways, I keep saying I will post up more of my pictures, and I never do....So here is something I sketched onto said graph paper.

         This guy keeps popping up all over my sketch books...He's kinda creepy looking, but I like him.I haven't thought of his story yet though....

                          I'm starting to ramble, so I will take my leave. Until next time! *waves*

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