Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Doll Of The New Year!!

Hooray its 2011!! And to commemorate the new year I made a new doll pattern! This doll turned out really big. She's nearly 18" tall! I tried to give her manga/anime - ish eyes and I think they turned out ok for my first attempt. Eyes are a lot easier to draw then to make!
I'm not very good at making doll clothes, but I was able to make this dolls clothes removable.

I am considering adding some free patterns to my blog, But I have not thought of what kind of doll I would make a pattern for. If any body has any ideas of what kind of free pattern you would like, I would love to hear them ! :)  I never thought I would get 15 followers so quick, Thanks guys! ^_^


  1. hi love your new year doll
    has she got a name ?
    i cannot crochet without following a pattern so any free pattern would be brilliant and very good of you to share your hard work

  2. Hi Joan! Her name is Yume (pronounced you-may) It means dream in japanese :). I will try to post a pattern up soon. I hope that you will like it! :>


I Love getting your comments!! Thank you so much! ^_^

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