Saturday, August 6, 2011

Patch The Pirate Bag

I'm really sorry everyone! I haven't posted in months, I feel really bad about it! Our new school year started last week. I'm a junior now! :D I've been really lazy about my crafting this summer....surprisingly, starting school back has actually given me new inspiration! I have already made about five things this week! For now I guess I'll show off one of the (few) things I did make during summer break.

Patch and company
 Meet patch the pirate bag and his crew! I posted a while back about a monster bag I made for myself. Since then I have started making simple drawstring bags and adding monstery details.for Patch,(the bag with the eye patch of course) I needle felted his eye patch and mouth! Needle felting is so much more convenient then sewing for small details!

Patch is  my favorite, but he's a close second to zombie guy (betcha can't guess which one that is) Patch, zombie, and the nameless red bag with vertical eyes (who I find extremely creepy) are shoulder bags. The smaller burgundy and ice blue monsters are dice bags. The pink monster is a change purse.

Zombie Guy
I've had crafters block these last few months,however, I went to my cousin's (owlette's) house today,and she supplied me with a ton of very unique buttons that could certainly be used for doll eyes! (and some that look suspiciously like fingernails, don't ask)
Now I have new supplies and inspiration! My creative juices are really flowing! Expect to hear from me again soon!

Oh! and before I forget, I've updated my Etsy store! FREE SHIPPING IN THE US ON EVERYTHING!!!! Check it out!


  1. I love your purses!(quick question about patch though, Why does he have fangs? is he a vampire pirate? or did he steal those teeth?...just saying) anywho I had a blast when you came over, can't wait for next saturday!

  2. Those are super cute and clever! I think the lt. blue one is my favorite, but if the pink one wasn't pink then that one would be.

  3. Owlette, Thanks! He has fangs because they make him look cute(?)C U Saturday XD

    Iesadora,Thank you! I know what you mean, I'm not overly fond of pink myself, but the pink bag has a cool face :)


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