Friday, September 23, 2011

Nyan What???

NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan! Ahhhh! I can't get that stupid, annoying,adorable song out of my head!! Until about 1 week ago I had absolutely NO IDEA what nyan cat was. However, a customer requested I make her a nyan cat scarf,so, I googled it and now I can't get that song out of my brain! How would you come up with the idea of a cat with a poptart body flying through space on a rainbow...? Beats me.

The scarf was super fun to make though! Especially the pop tart body! After I made that I had to try something else nyan cat, and my G-ma thought a purse would be really cute.


I sold it in just a few days! I'm currently working on another one.

....Oh! and before I forget The results of the fair....All these awesome ribbons >_<  and a 28.00 cash prize to boot!The best of show ribbons went to my brushed terrier and this little needle felted cat-girl!                                                    I've been meaning to blog about the cat girl for quite a while now XD     



  1. How much do you sell the Nyan cat purses for??

  2. I charged 30 dollars for the ones I have commissioned before. :)

  3. You're very talented Miss Brea! I would love to buy a Nyan purse, but I'm not sure how to do business with you?

  4. Thank you so much! What you need to do is go to my ETSY store using this link:
    I will post a custom order for you. I do require 1/2 down and 1/2 when the purse is completed (3-5 days) You will have to sign up for an ETSY account (it only takes a minute) and pay with Paypal. I will need some info from you such as how long you would like your strap... Let me know if you are still interested and I will set up the the custom order for you. Thanks so much for looking at my stuff!!!


I Love getting your comments!! Thank you so much! ^_^

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