Monday, December 19, 2011

My Very First Pattern and My Very First Giveaway!!!

I just published my first pattern for sale on ravelry!!! I published my pattern for the little baby bats!
Here is a link to the sale page. Here  To celebrate my very first sellable pattern, I'm going to have a giveaway!! I will be giving out 1 free copy of the pdf pattern! :)  Here are the rules
1. You must follow my blog to enter. must leave a comment stating your name, and your e-mail address
(if you don't leave your e-mail address, I can't send you the pattern)

and that's pretty much it lol! XD  I'll pick the winner randomly on the 31st!
Have fun everybody!!

Don't you want a friend that's a little....batty..?


  1. Congratulations on putting you pattern up for sale!!!!! Your bats are soooo freaking adorable! I was hoping the giveaway was for a bat so I could just have one, but getting the pattern is actually a better idea LOL

    lmm (dot) mills @ gmail (dot) com

  2. Hey! I love it! Way too cute :-D

    I'm Katie and my email addy is kdlangenhoven @ gmail (dot) com.

  3. This is a super adorable bat! I'm always looking for patterns that aren't too girly since I have two sons. This would be perfect! Congratulations on selling your first pattern!!

    Briana.Middleton @ Gmail . com

  4. Hi! I had the same idea for my blog too, but I haven't found anything to give yet... in the meanwhile I will join your giveaway!

    denise(dot )mazzini( at)gmail( dot)com


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