Monday, March 26, 2012

Just A Quick Update!

Hiya Everybody! I changed my blog AGAIN. I custom made the header, do you like it? I just wanted to pop in so I could show off my latest creation! A little orange anime doggy! :D

I really like my anime pets, they remind me of the mascots you often see in shojo (girls) manga and anime! He should be up on my Etsy soon!

Also, I wrote last time about a way to revolutionize capsule pet creation. This is what I was talking about, Crocheted Circles!! This is another way to use up your stashed scrap yarn by the way! I've just been making a ton of tiny circles with my scraps. Now whenever I feel the urge to craft, (but am to lazy to crochet a whole doll) I can just attach button or bead eyes, wings, arms, legs..etc. And I'll have myself a finished capsule pet!! :)

                                  Well....I guess I'd better get back to work! Until next time!
                                                                       xoxoxoxo -Brea


  1. That's adorable. I think any child would love it.

  2. So adorable and I love your Banner!

  3. Thank you Cora! I'm glad you like it! :D


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