Monday, March 12, 2012

Knit And Crochet Design Week: Day One Sketches!!

I was on twitter, when I stumbled upon a tweet about "knit and crochet design week" , That caught my attention, I clicked the link. Stacey Trock(the awesome designer behind Fresh Stitches) is hosting a week long blog extravaganza (sorry couldn't think of a better word) all about the process of designing a knit or crochet object( I think that was a run on sentence...)! It sounded super fun, so now I'm in! Check out the rules and technical stuff here.Also be sure to browse the comments to see what all the other designers are making!! There's some pretty cute stuff in there! :)

Day one is all about starting out, sketching! I <3 sketching, especially when I have an idea I just can't visualize. When you have it right in front of you on paper, it's so much easier to create!A panda popped into my head when I pulled out one of my many sketchbooks, so that's what I started drawing.

The first couple looked more like mice then pandas! But I kept working at it and finally came up with something I liked. :)
Since I have a scanner now, my pictures and sketches look 100% nicer!
I liked the style of this one:short body, long limbs. Long limbed plushies strike me as "trendy" for some reason, and I like that ;)

But this isn't really a finished product...I needed to elaborate. I jotted down another sketch and scanned it into photoshop. This baby needs some color (cracks knuckles).

When I was drawing, I thought this would be a classic black-and-white panda bear. But that's just boring right? How bout' blue for a change? I dropped the eyebrows in the first sketch. They make panda look a little bit like an old fashioned thread crochet bear. Not saying that's a bad thing...without the eyebrows he looks a little blank...eyebrows or no eyebrows...what do you think?

And what's trendier than a pair of cute shoes? I wonder if it's possible to give panda heels?...That's an idea.....

 One thing I love about Photoshop is the ability to easily modify colors. This first sketch is the original, a rough pencil, and colored pencil over it. These next two are simply altered by adjusting the colors on photoshop. Simple, right? I'm still not entirely sure what color I want, (Oh the agony of difficult decisions!!!) I'm also not sure whether it should be a boy or a girl.......

I added the eyebrows to these.

      If I make panda a girl, I can give her a cute dress, and maybe use the high-heels idea! :D
I like the way this one looks, maybe I could use varying shades of pink and purple. In fact, I think I know just the yarn for this job!
                                           Hopefully I'll post more tomorrow! See ya soon!!

                                                             hugs n' kisses -Brea


  1. i LOVE him! your sketches are great! i love how you colored them too. your panda is going to turn out so sweet... i love the idea of shoes. can't wait to see him as you stitch him up!

  2. omg i just read that you are 15! i so wish i had been making amigurumi when i was your age. keep up the amazing work! i hope my little girl is as into crafting as you are when she's your age ♥

  3. Wow, thank you so much! I'm rather curious at what he will turn out like myself! XD lol

  4. Wow, you are super talented! :) (and only 15?! Amazing!)
    Your sketches are really good and I think the shoes are going to be ADORABLE on your panda! I love all of the different colours that you tried. The purple/pink will look awesome :)

  5. I like the panda without eyebrows and I think the blue is so cute. You have much talent. I can't wait to see how he turns out!

  6. This panda looks like it's gonna be a cutie for sure. I'd never thought of using photoshop to play around with colours, but I might now!

  7. Thanks so much everybody! I really am torn between blue and pink! Maybe I'll just have to make one of both! ;}


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