Monday, April 23, 2012

Lil Octopi

Hi again! Just a quick post to show off some more cuties I have been working on! :)

                           Cute little octo-pussies ( and yes, I know that's incorrect spelling)!

 Usually I shy away from making octopi, because it takes so long to make the legs. But with these guys, I worked the legs into the body, all as one piece! It worked out great! I'm very pleased with the result.The green one is my favorite! :)

These safety eyes are flat, and I painted them black.

                                         Hope these little guys inspired! Until next time! :D

                                                                         -Brea :)
ps. I will have a new pattern available for sale soon....and maybe a pattern give-away! ;)


  1. Ahh! These are so cute! How do you get the pink on their little cheeks?

  2. Thank you! I use chalk pastels for the pink on their cheeks, but I think you can also use blush, although I've never tried. Hope this helps ! :)


  3. Genius! :D

    Will you be selling these too when you do the craft fair? They are just adorable :)

  4. Thanks! :) Yes, I'm planning on having a lot more to sell at the craft fair! I have already made two more, and I would like to try and make them in all sorts of different colors! :D


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