Friday, July 27, 2012

Lisa's Minako

Lisa ( Iesadora ) Won my Minako pattern a while back, and a few days ago she sent me pictures of her finished bunny! Here they are!!

                                                Isn't it just a cutie!!?? I love the bow-tie! >v<

                                                     Thanks for sharing your pics Lisa!! :D

                       I made some plushies too! Some cute lil teddies!  Classy Teddy and Lemon Pie teddy!

I made some more custom ninjas too, but I don't have pics of those(besides, ninjas are getting a little boring aren't they?)

                                                                  Until next time then!!


  1. Hi Brea, I continue to be inspired by what you do. I have a question, do you sell mostly plushes, patterns, or both equally? I'm trying to enter into the world of crochet business and I've decide to seek to tutelage of those who have found success (whether large or small). Any advice you could give me would much much appreciated. ^_^

  2. Hi! First of all, thank you so much! XD
    When I first started my crochet business, I thought I would be selling patterns and plushes equally. Although I do have a few patterns for sale on Ravelry, I quickly lost interest in them. Actual plushes are just so much more fun for me, so in answer to your question, I sell almost ALL plushes! I am still in the learning stage myself, and can't give out a HUGE amount of great advice yet (LOL) but One thing I would say from experience, is do what YOU like. If you like making patterns, then make patterns, if it's plushes, then do those! If you like both, go for it! Having a business is so much more rewarding when you enjoy what you are doing!
    Hope my little ramble helped a little! XD


    1. Thank you so much. Every little bit of wisdom and encouragement is great! I actually do love doing both plushes and patterns, so maybe I will make room for both. "Professionally" I haven't sold any patterns, I'm still working out how to market myself.

      That being said, how did you gain your following? Did you "pay" for advertising, or just rely on friends/family and word of mouth? Or did you use social media? I'm trying to put on my business hat, and thus far it isn't going too bad.

      Again, Thanks for your help. ^_^

  3. On the subject of gaining a following, I think social media is one of the best tools you can use.
    Being able to connect with potential buyers as a human being, not just a business owner, is great!
    I actually consider my following to be pretty small, I'm still working my way up. I think the best way to gain a following is to keep at it (that may seem like cheap advice, but it's true!). When you drop off the face of the internet world for a month, people tend to forget about you. But if you blog, or facebook, or tweet, consistently, you WILL gain a following!
    Sorry, I'm not much help LOL XD!



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