Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Cattitude Kitty!

 I have a new cattitude kitty out (hence the title)! Her name is Naughty Little Child, and she has some CRAZY hair!!  I liked making her mouth, pretty much anything with really large, pointy, fangs is cool.

I tried twice, but I just couldn't sew her an she ended up having a t-shirt needle felted into her (boy that's gotta hurt) and a heart applique added afterwards.

I also made this giant owl baby. I haven't really had much time for my normal projects, because I  worked like crazy getting birthday presents finished by the 4th(my lil twin cousin's b-day). I'll show you those in a different post. Speaking of the fourth, we didn't get to see fireworks this year, because of a burn ban. Luckily, yesterday we got some much needed rain. I still feel like I missed out though. :( How was YOUR Independence Day? Did you get to see fireworks?



  1. I think you should have a giveaway for Naughty Little Child ::wink wink, nudge nudge:: lol Her mouth turned out awesome!! Supper cute!

  2. LOL XD Thank you, I'm not going to giveaway this doll...but I am thinking about having a giveaway! :)


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