Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini Dino, and Handmade Pullip Eyes~!

So I got a request for a custom dino~! Apparently, he thinks he is a turtle, and wears and acorn cap on his back lol~! I've been making so much doll stuff lately, I kind of forgot what it felt like to use worsted weight yarn~! XD

 I used teeny tiny glass beads for his eyes. My favorite bit is his mouth though,  he has a cute smile~! :D

 I believe his name is Sheldon~! Such a cute name for this little guy~! :D I hope he likes his new home~! :3

And of course, I have been crocheting clothes and such for Dove~! Lookee here, without paying a dime, dove got new eye chips, a new wig, and a new dress (which is going to be sold, sorry Dove).

I crocheted the wig with bulky weight lion brand yarn. I brushed it out, and it made lovely red locks~! It stays on my Dal's head with sticky velcro.

The dress of course was crocheted with fingering weight yarn. I'm still developing my doll clothes-designing skills,  so I'm mostly sticking with simple designs.

The eye chips were fun to make, If you own a Dal, Pullip, Isul or Taeyang there is a way to make your own eye chips~! I used amigurumi safety eyes~! I clipped off the back with wire cutters, sanded it down, and then painted the backside, and sealed it. Then just a little bit of glue around the edges ( just to make sure they wouldn't fall out) , and Dove had a pair of pretty green eyes~! :3

                                                I'm very pleased with the outcome~! 

I may not have as much time for crafting as I usually would, because...drum roll please...I GOT MY FIRST JOB~!!!! XD Yup, as of today, I am officially a Wal-Mart employee~! I'm uber excited to start my first day~! :3


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