Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Sad Tale To Tell....

 This is a story about a little purple bunny. A long time ago he was slowly and unskillfully created by a young girl who was new to the art of amigurumi. When he was finally completed, the little bunny was sure he would be loved forever by his creator. She did love him, in fact she thought he was adorable. However, as her crocheting skills improved, the girl realized that her little purple bunny was not very well made at all. So, after trying, and failing to brush bunny to make his fur thicker ( which resulted in 50% of bunny's insides being pulled through the large holes in his body) bunny was tossed aside, where he sat in the cold and dark for a very, very, long time. One day, the girl was rearranging the furniture in her room, when she found bunny shoved in the corner, coated in dust,with a large hole in his side. Poor bunny, he had been lonely for so long, but now he had finally, finally, been found. The girl thought the pitiful little doll was so funny that she had to take a picture to show the world how awful her dolls used to look. After the picture was taken, bunny was  unceremoniously tossed into a green garbage bag, never to be seen again........

Here are the pics of the monkeys I had to make........

I know a lot of people post work-in-progress pics on wednesday,so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm working on this little fox dude right now :) He's currently leg-less. I do like him, and hope to maybe
(that's a big maybe!!) debut him as my first sell-able pattern.........


  1. wow your work has really improved. I'm really proud of you Brea:)

  2. I know! don't you feel bad for him? :(

  3. There are many beautiful cowls in crochet on Ravelry that are free (you mentioned converting my cowl to crocheting on my blog). Your creations are beautiful! I'll have to try crocheting some critters.

  4. great to have inspired you! :) I will have to look on Ravelry, thinking about a cowl/hood. :D


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