Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kawaii blogs!!

I saw a message about a kawaii linky party on twitter! Of course I had to look into it! Hawaii Kawaii is setting up a page for cutesy bloggers and shopkeepers to put up links to their sites!! I entered my blog!
If you like cute, you should totally take a look at this site. Also check out the links to the other cute blogs! It's always cool to find other bloggers that are totally obsessed with cuteness. ;)

                                                             Click HERE to visit the site!


  1. I saw you on Hawaii Kawaii and had to have a look. My link is next to yours. These dolls are so cute!!!! I have added you to facebook and will help you tweet to this to my followrers. Are you on twitter? If so, fine me @YYkawaii and I will follow you x

    YY x

  2. Hi! Nice to meet you! :D Thank you for the follow, and the like on facebook! I have followed your blog, and will follow you on twitter! My username is @bbug56. I like your blog, very kawaii! ^_^

    -Brea J.


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