Friday, June 1, 2012

New Anime Girl!

Well, here she is! Completely finished! I actually used the wrong side for her head, because I thought it would help the eyes stay on better. This is the first time I've used the wrong side, and I actually don't mind it for the face, because it looks smooth. I think I will stick with the right side for all of the other doll body parts.

I absolutely LOVE red haired dolls, and I managed to give this little lady a fairly anime-ish hair style!
I love the yarn her hair is made out of (although I can't remember what it's called..)!
Her dress is made from the sleeve of one of my old shirts (recycling lol), I have a ton of old clothes that can be used up for doll dresses, if only I was a wee bit better at sewing...anyway, I'm going to look up some clothes making tutorials online, and hopefully that will help! ^_^

   Also, I made a cute badge for my blog! ( I'm hoping to get one of those html boxes up soon!)

                                             and...a signature! Now I can say goodbye with style! ;)

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