Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Cuties and Big Stress

O.M.G. Their is a 20% rain chance on Saturday. SATURDAY IS THE DAY OF MY CRAFT FAIR!!! Please, no....

On a happier note, I took some pics  of my newest creations~! These little guys are made from a super simple body pattern that was easy to write up~! I'm very happy with how they came out, and I'm working on another one right now~! It's nice to take a break from anime style dolls once in a while to make something old fashioned-looking~! :)

Making overalls was a first for me, but it's essentially the same as making a dress...only with leg holes! XD

You can see how simple the body is, just circles and tubes, and no fancy detailing. The fact that their so simple is what makes me like them~! They work up fast too~! :D

               I'm seriously hoping it's not going to rain Saturday...that would kill me... >_>

                                                                      Lotsa Love,

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