Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Post~Obsessions

I can be a fairly obsessive person. When I like something, I LOVE it. Currently their are two things I am super duper in love with.

1. The Phantom Of The Opera

 I'm a super Phan~! I never knew anything about the phantom until my mom bought me the book. As far as I'm concerned, any book with a chapter called "The Torture Chamber" is worth reading (LOL)
After I read the book, which I loved, I watched the movie. After I watched the movie, I watched the film version of the 2012 musical, which totally blew the movie out of the water~! I've also read the more recent adaption of the book titled simply "Phantom". It was pretty good too~! I am CONSTANTLY singing the songs from the musical, I even have the soundtrack from the original performance in the 80's. Aside from the totally awesome/epic/tragic storyline, I just LOVE the mask~! I've been thinking about making some Erik (phantom) inspired plushies, but of course, if I did, I would have to keep them~!

 2.  Pullips

O.M.G. I LOVE THESE DOLLS~!!! I have seen pictures of collectable bjds (ball jointed dolls) before, but I always thought they were too expensive. Then I discovered pullips. They have got to be the most adorable creatures ever to be molded in plastic~!!! Plus if you shop around (I've been to about 20 websites selling them, I'm super cheap XD ) you can get a Dal ( the 12 inch version) for about 80 dollars~!!! Yeah, that is pretty expensive, I know, but most bjds I have seen range from 100-700 dollars~!!

A pullip
I could totally see myself getting addicted to pullips. You can not only change their clothes, but also their hair and eyes~! Some seriously hardcore collectors even repaint their faces....but I don't think I'm brave enough to try that~! XD

A Dal

This is the Dal I am HOPING to get for my 16th b-day (In a few days people~!! XD ) Her name is Lizbel, but I think I would re-name her....If I don't get her for my Sweet 16, I'll have to shell out some cash from my upcoming craft fair. (sigh)

There was a TON to choose from, but the purple eyes won me over.

I thought at first I was super immature for wanting one (or two..or three...) of these. But I've ALWAYS loved dolls ( that's why I make them!). I'm one of those girls that went from baby dolls, to barbies, to American girls, so I guess this is just on step up (?) After extensive research, I've found that most pullip collectors are adults....I don't feel so bad now~! T v T

So here ends my random post~I'm working on some tiny little dolls, and I'll try to have pics up soon~!


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