Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Be Writers

     My cousin and good friend Cedar is an aspiring writer. She writes ALL the time, and aspires to be a published author one day. We did a novel writing class together, and she loves reading her stories and poetry to me~! I had the idea that she could start a blog and she jumped on it~! But just a blog wasn't enough for her, she wants to create a hub for other writers to discuss, reason, and chat~! She often inspires me to write, so I will certainly be participating~! :)
     If you love, like, or are at least interested in writing, you should visit her new blog~! It's called To Be Writers~!

                        Here is the link --->     CLICK ME!!!      <---

I'm sure she would LOVE some followers, or even just visitors~! Drop by and leave a comment~! :D

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