Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Prize Winning Puppy

  I've been posting a lot about needle felting lately, So I decided It's back to crochet...for today at least! This is an old project I entered into the saline county fair last year. And It won first place!! :D 

I call him my scrappy pup, because I used a ton of different yarns to make him! I gave him to my mom! :)

I also won first place in a different category. The other doll was a blue mermaid with multicolored hair. I sold her though, so I don't have any pictures. 

Yay a real ribbon!!
On a different note, my cousin and good friend caroline (owlette) just started a crafting blog!! I'm sure she would love some visitors! Just click the link to check it out! :D        
    Owlette's Chirps



  1. thanks cuz,love ya!

    p.s.I love your pup's ears

  2. heehee your welcome! luv u too :)
    and thanks!!

  3. what a cute pup!
    i found you on etsy success lounge.
    please follow me!


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