Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wip Pics

These aren't the greatest quality pics (taken on my mom's ipad) but they do give you a general idea of what i'm working on. I TOLD you I was gonna make some more amigurumi, didn't I? XD

I'll make her some clothes and hair soon, and put more pics up :3


  1. Her eyes are fantastic!!!!! They look so real!

  2. I think the pics are great , a bit biased really I have an iPad and I love it , can,t wait to see her with some clothes on and long or short hair I wonder ..?

  3. lesadora: Thank you~! I actually made a pair of anime eyes for her, but they didn't really "fit" so I had to make her some new ones. It was an experiment really lol.

    Joan: They actually look better on the computer than they did on the ipad lol. I'm having a REALLY hard time deciding what hair/yarn to give her. I'll figure it out though~! Probably something fuzzy... Thanks for the comment~!


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